Thursday, March 1, 2012

FHM Sexiest Woman Of 2012

So I had to dig up pictures on some of the hottest women in the world for this slideshow on who'll win the FHM Sexiest Woman award in 2012. Tough job right? Well, several books, including, have odds on this event so I'll try my best to ignore my boner and handicap this baby. Katy Perry = hot but the pop princess has been a top fave the past two years and come up empty.

Katy's gal pal Rhianna is tied as the top choice to win the award but bettors beware. FHM is based out of the UK so Brit babes tend to get bonus points. Plus, at the risk of soundly too girlie, Rhianna's wacky hairdos can sometimes be a bit of a turnoff. Just sayin'. 

This Victoria Secret model is the defending champion and will be the leading lady in this summer's new Transformer movie. Megan Fox who? There have been two previous back to back FHM Sexiest Woman winners (Jennifer Lopez and Cheryl Cole), so that's something bettors should keep in mind. 

Oddsmakers are giving Pippa the nod ahead of sister Kate, which I think is a royal outrage. Sure she's cute, but there's no doubt in my mind that the newest Duchess of Cambridge is the hottest Middleton on the planet.

Fox, the 2008 winner, seems to be treading water at the moment. No one's saying she doesn't belong on the list of hottest women alive, but few are arguing she should top the list. I blame her decent on Brian Austin Green or that freak finger of hers.

Remember what I was saying about Brit women getting bonus points? Cole benefits from that unwritten rule. She's a pop princess and a sympathetic figure in the UK. Chelsea footballer and former husband cheated on her like every other day while they were married and it seemed most of those affairs became public knowledge.

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